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The Perfect Solution For On Premise Laundry

Top Reasons
For a re-wash

  • Errors in a laundry cycle
  • Faulty equipment
  • Using the wrong products
  • Ineffective laundry chemicals

Laundry Managers Priorities

  • Consistent clean results
  • Faster wash times
  • Reducing water, energy and waste.

Average cost allocation of a laundry process

Cost Allocation
Jargon Check!


Microorganisms that digest fats and oils and allow the surfactants to reach deeper into the textile.


One of the most important components of laundry detergent. They work like an oil and vinegar salad dressing. They do not mix unless shaken vigorously in the bottle and they separate almost immediately afterward. This is what happens when washing textiles.

Surfactants "shake up" the soil which normally does not dissolve in water, making it dispersible and releasing it off the textile. The soil is then washed away with wash water.

Wash Less, Save More

With an Ocean laundry system you can worry less about the cost of expensive rewashes, as its Enzyme Cleaning Technology removes even the toughest stains.

The enzymes in Ocean detergent open up even the deepest layers of the textile to surfactants.

Once deep in the fibres multiple surfactants work to remove stains from all layers of the textile.

The 4 components of an efficient laundry operation

  1. Detergent
  2. Auto Dosing
  3. Wash Programme
  4. Support

Auto Dosing

Giving you control over your laundry

Ocean Wash Series

  • Suitable for machines up to 35kg.
  • Silicone thick wall pump tubing to ensure a consistent flow rate and longer tube life.
  • Can generate usage statistics so you know exactly how much your are using.
  • Designed with the operator in mind.
Ocean Wash Series

Ocean Smart Series

  • Suitable for large, commercial on premises laundry.
  • The dosing flow meter ensures that, regardless of the tube condition and flow rate, the right amount of chemical is dosed, reducing waste and risk of over consumption.
  • Wash data available on demand, 24/7 via a purpose built website.
Ocean Smart

Training & Support

A professional service, commited to your satisfaction.

  • A system personalized to you and installed by experts.
  • Free training materials, helpful wallcharts and safety data sheets.
  • A dedicated service team supporting you in the running of your laundry operation.
  • Service visits by qualified engineers.
  • Free COSHH training to ensure user safety.

Free Site Survey

Have one of our laundry experts complete a survey on your laundry and receive a free report on how you could make your operation even more efficient.

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